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Making a booking

  • Bookings can be placed on any sheets on the left of this screen, which are coloured black, rather than grey
  • Only two live bookings for peak time slots can be held by one person within 21 days - the system will stop more being placed. There is no limit put on slots outside these times, although a member cannot book two courts for the same time slot
  • Members may only make bookings consistent with their membership category type - eg an off peak member cannot book a slot for a Saturday, or a junior can only book courts 3, 6 and 7
  • After clicking "yes", choose your opponents and partners.

Handy hints

  • Peak times are any time at the week-end and after18:30 during the week.
  • You will be emailed immediately by the system to confirm the booking, consider forwarding this on to the other players involved
  • If you use an email client on your computer like Outlook or Outlook Express, clicking on email addresses in "My Bookings" creates a new email to the addressee and the court booking details in the subject field. Avoid using it if you use web-mail such as Hotmail or Google Mail.

Cancelling a booking

  • A booking may only be cancelled by the person who made the booking - the system enforces this
  • A booking may be cancelled at any time before the start of the booking time
  • Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the starting time will be registered as a late cancellations on the system
  • A person who persistently cancels late could have their right to make bookings removed.

Checking in

  • The person booking the court must "check in" at the clubhouse touchscreen using their pin number:
    • not more than 105 minutes before the start time of the booking, and
    • not more than 15 minutes after the start time
  • Failure to do so will register as a "no show" against the person who made the booking
  • A person who persistently "no shows" could have their right to make bookings removed.

Handy hints

  • As the pin number is system generated and not your choice. Keep a record of your pin number with your tennis kit, as forgetting it will stop you checking in
  • In the event of bad weather please cancel the court from home before the booking starts
  • The 105 minute rule enables you to check-in once, before you start, for two consecutive slots, which saves you rushing back to the club-house half way through the match.

Completing "my settings" and "my profile" and "cancelled court alerts"

These facilities enable you:

  • to change your personal details including your password
  • to present to other members as many or as few contact details as you wish
  • to set your preferences regarding how you are notified of your bookings, cancellations etc
  • to elect to be notified of court slot times (say Saturday morning slots) which become available due to cancellation.

Handy hints

  • Ensure your email address is correct as most of the communications to you from the system rely upon that email address being correct
  • You might find it helpful to others to upload one or more pictures of yourself. Join Roger Federer and several other luminaries at (access to this page is restricted to logged in members)

Finding other members" contact details

  • Simply click on the Members" Directory at the top of the page
  • Follow the instructions.


  • Guests must play with a member
  • Members are also reminded that their guests must sign the visitors' book to be found by the phone in the clubhouse
  • There is a guest fee of £4 per session for a guest who can play no more than five times each year.


  • Floodlight meters provide lighting at the rate of £5 per 1h15mins
  • Tokens can be purchased from coaches and the Tennis Manager.

About this squash & tennis court reservation system

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